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If you have questions related to Design In One hosting and e-mail services, please use our question form so we can help you as quickly and effectively as possible. If you prefer to call us, please see our contact page for more details.

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How do I add an extra e-mail address?

Go to your personal administration panel and select the menu option 'Mailboxes/Users' and select 'Add user'. After entering all the necessary information, you should click on 'Add'. The address is ready for use immediately.

What is the difference between an e-mail box and an e-mail address?

An e-mail box is a storage area for e-mail, multiple e-mail addresses can be sent to the same e-mail box. Therefore, an e-mail address is only the pointer to the right e-mail box. The amount of possible e-mail boxes depends on the type of hosting account. The amount of e-mail addresses (also called 'alias') is unlimited.

Can I move my existing webpage to your company?

Yes, this is possible. We can also provide paid support while moving databases and more complex webpages.

I receive a lot of SPAM. What can I do about this?

SPAM is a common used term for unwanted e-mail. By using our so-called SPAM-Filter you can minimize this inconvenience.